Travelling The World

To most people, travelling fascinates them. To some, travelling seems far fetched. This may be because they do not know how to go about travel or it may also be because they do not have the necessary funds to travel.The author, who is a native of the Philippines, was in that predicament, until he learned the pleasures of travelling and spending some quality time with family and friends outside of his general surroundings.

Travelling may or not be expensive and one need not fear spending too much. We plan for auto repairs, house repairs, educational expenses, and other household expenses. So why not plan or layaway some money for travel.

Benefits of layaway for travel.
1) One can always use their credit card for their travel. The only problem is, when payment time comes: the credit card owner faces interest charges and penalties (if they are not able to pay on time).

Saving for travel need not have that kind of hassle, after all vacationing or travel is all about relaxing, and we would not want to be relaxing only to be stressed out afterwards by credit card companies.

2) All it takes is just a small amount each month. And when vacation time comes, just a small amount also is needed for added expenses during travel.

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