Angkor Wat One Of The Seven Wonders Of The World.

I never thought visiting Siem Reap, Cambodia would be this interesting and educational. All the while people (including me) viewed Cambodia as poverty, landmines, killings and other depressing words to describe such a wonderful place.

It may have been true in the 60’s or 70’s or even 80’s, but now its different. Yes poverty still exist specially with the boat people living by the Ton Le Sap Lake, but I couldn’t imagine with such a sorry state of living those people still managed to smile and wave back at me.
Angkor Wat my favorite is a must see place. So mysterious and yet so tranquil. Two days won’t be enough to explore the different temples. I guess I have a reason to go back and have another chance to understand the different sights laid on the vast land of the Angkor Wat Temples.

Siem Reap, is the small town where Angkor Wat is located. So peaceful and the people there are so friendly. You can find good souvenirs from the night market or better yet at the site itself. Everything is so affordable you would sometimes think if they ever get any profit from the items that you’re buying.