Dolce Vita Hotel Restaurant Palawan

Dolce Vita Hotel and Restaurant is found right in the heart of illustrious Palawan.  Dolce Vita was initially just a place one could stay in and dine. Local officials of Palawan are currently encouraging the management to develop the place more and convert it to a full-five star hotel.

At Dolce Vita, the rooms are named after flowers ! Not rectangular or square-shaped as usual, but octagonal like in a castle-tower. One can choose between rooms furnished with rattan (Orchid, Dahlia, Lotos, Sampaguita and Bougainvilla) or furnished in Italian barock style (Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Ilang Ilang and Gumamela). The canopy beds are an attraction ! A famous poet once said:

You really have not lived, if You have not spent at least one tropical night dreaming in a canopy bed. One can hardly hear the air-conditioning, because the engine is split to the blower and outside the building. Every room has Cable-TV with 40 programs, but one will hardly use it, because there are a lot of things to do. For example test the playground under the breathtaking rattan ceiling, which can also be reached by kids using a chicken-step. In the bathroom two angels smile down at the visitor from a golden mirror. A pedestal-lavatory, toilet and bidet made of Italian ceramics looks very inviting. How about a shower in the hidden cave now, where one can enjoy hot and cold water depending only on the mood? Fresh clean white towels, cosmetic-mirror, hairdryer and cosmetic-tissues are there, because You have deserved this comfort.

Let’s have a cigarette on the private balcony or terrace, or a coffeebrake at the bistro table there. Come and visit Dolce Vita Hotel and Restaurant in Palawan