Panay, Philippines



Panay is the place where the dawn of Christianity started. It is also the center of the first act of revolt against the Spaniards in the Province of Capiz. The first encounter between the Filipino revolutionaries and the Spanish forces happened in May1897 at Tadiao Bridge. Despite the inferiority in manpower and arms, the revolutionaries were able to repulse the advance of the Spanish forces by sheer ingenuity. Using only “gafas” or nipa stalks which looked like rifles from afar, they simultaneously fired the seven guns that they have. The Spaniards thinking that the Filipino revolutionaries were well equipped and prepared retreated to Capiz now Roxas City.

The following day, the Spaniards regrouped well armed and prepared, went back to Panay on big boats tied in two’s (Conduccion) through Banica River. Upon reaching Lahab River near Panay town proper, the revolutionaries armed with cannon, rifles, bolos and spears laid an ambush to the Spanish forces.Source

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