Donsol Sorsogon, Philippines



The known history of Donsol dates back to the later part of the 18th century when a band of refugees, led by a certain Francisco Noradi, escaped from the fury of Mt. Mayon during one of its destructive and horrifying eruptions and settled in the place. They were called Miraya, a reference name of residents near Mt. Mayon, located in the Province of Albay. The settlement area has since then been called Donsol.Source

Donsol got its name from “donsol” or “dosol”, an indigenous medicinal plant which grew abundantly in the settlement area. But a more plausible story was about a blacksmith in the place famous for his expertise and skills and for his “donsolan”, Bicol term for anvil, which is an iron-stand upon which a blacksmith pounds and forges the red-hot iron into tools or weapons. Unfortunately, history wasn’t able to record his name. Eventually, the people called the whole settlement area, Donsolan.

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