Sizzling Plate, Baguio City

Sizzling Plate is also one of the famous steak restaurant situated along Session Road. They offer wide selection of dishes. They have international Cuisine, Casual Dining, BBQ and Grill, Sea Foods.

For grill, they have Garlic Steak, T-bone Steak, Porter House Steak, Salisbury Steak, Korean Beef steak, Pork Sate, Grilled Pork Chop, Sizzling Boneless Bangus and Chicken. Pasta and Vegetables salad are also available, you can order Spaghetti, Super Duper Sandwich with Soup, Grilled Chicken Hamburger and Chef’s Salad.

For Beverages they have Cali Shandy, Orange juice, Calamansi Juice, Mango Juice , Beer Ice tea and Coffee/Tea.

Address: 135 Abanao Ext. cor. Carino St. Baguio City
Phone Numbers: (074) 443 8486
Food prices start at Php 200