Original Pares Mami

2024 España Boulevard corner Basilio Street
Open 24 hours daily

Don’t judge this pares place by pares its generic moniker. Though it has to be said that its name is so nondescript that most people simply call it “Pares sa Maceda.” (This is because it’s also near Maceda Street, which has a more prominent sign along España.) With a whole lot of litid, the beef stew is makes this pares (P67) a showstopper. It goes without saying that the beef chunks are extremely tender.

The fried rice—“with scrambled egg and chorizo bits—“goes very well with the lightly peppered soup. The meal also passes the “leftover test.” You order it to go and place it in the fridge once it cools down. You can reheat the combo and serve pares at home the next day. It tastes just as good. Source