Little Tokyo

Want to experience Tokyo without having to shell out thousands of pesos? You don’t really need to apply for a Japanese visa, ride an airplane to have a little taste of Tokyo. Just go to Makati and say konnichiwa to Little Tokyo!

Here you can find several restaurants, which offer a variety of Japanese food that will surely satisfy your gastronomic cravings for very reasonable prices. Some of the popular restaurants here include Urameshi-ya that serves tasty yakiniku; Shinjuku Ramen House with their long list of specialty noodles; Seryna with their superb sushi and bento meals; Ha Na with their famous takoyaki; Izakaya Kikufuji that serves fresh sushi and sashimi; and Kagura with their delicious okonomiyaki. There is also a mini-grocery and snack bar called Choto Stop that sells Japanese goods, bento meals and soba.