Globe Lumpia House

Have you heard about Globe? Not Globe Telecom, but the famous and home of the original Fresh Lumpia in Raon, Manila — Globe Lumpia House.

You can consider Globe Lumpia House as one of the classic carenderia of fresh lumpia. I think it was the oldest lumpia house I ever known. Just a trivia Globe Lumpia House was founded since 1956.

If you pass by near Quaipo area, just go to Raon and don’t missed to try their Lumpiang Sariwa. But make sure you are ready to wait for your turn, because most of the time you need to fall in line in order to dine in, else you may take out your order. You will also see photos of celebrities who already visited it. You can avail it for a very affordable price for Php 16.00 only and it’s best to partner 240 ml Sarsi Cola.