Barrio Fiesta in Baguio City Philippines

The restaurant serves the classic Filipino cuisine, which is typically a rice-and-meat dish. However, a typical meal in Barrio Fiesta is composed of a full-course meal from appetizers to desserts. Classic favorites are the pork barbecue, lumpiang shanghai and kaldereta. Beverages are a choice between sodas, iced tea and the native buko pandan, while desserts are leche flan and sagot gulaman. The price of a full-course meal ranges from 330 pesos to 350 pesos, depending on the dishes included in the meal.

Barrio Fiesta in Baguio grabs attention through its outer ambience, as vibrant statues welcome the visitors from the entrance. The fa├žade of the restaurant is full of colorful decorations that portray Baguios heritage as it proudly displays the culture of the Igorots who have long inhabited the city. Along the entrance are also statues of famous Filipino historical figures and how they are often portrayed by the modern Filipino society. Because of the restaurants wild and colorful decorations, visitors cannot resist the chance for a photo-op to take home a souvenir of their unique dining experience.